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Hi, I am an Indian student looking to pursue Masters from the University of Melbourne. I wanted to know the situation I will be in after I complete my Masters. Will I get decent job offers from companies in Australia ...Read more

  1. See what all i can say is job always depends on candidate ability to takeup, as many indian students who are considered hard working 85/100 usually grab the jobs so dont worry for job earlier than your studies rather go study & gain good knowledge insights . Door for bigger firms will always welRead more

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I will be studying full-time for a 1-year MS in Business Analytics. What advise would you give to a person in this situation so that he can make the most out of his time out from work and get the ...Read more

  1. In my opinion, you should be thinking about looking for work. Try to network and see if there are employers were looking for analytics. This is different from analysts. They could be market research companies, companies are looking for pricing decisions, and even productivity. Look to companies wherRead more

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