Can I Make My Own AI?

Can I Make My Own AI?

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  1. Yes Maitya, you can definitely make your very own AI, trust me its not that difficult to build an artificial intelligence assistant. They are many sites for it that will guide you in this and help you create it. You can go to website which is a service that allows developers to build speech-to-text, natural language processing, artificially intelligent systems that you can train up with your own custom functionality. As was bought by Google, it’s migrated towards solely using Google accounts to log in. So if you’re new then sign in there with your google account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken straight to the interface where you can create your virtual AI assistant. These assistants are called agents on the site. Then you shall head up to building your AI and once you are done with it you may get to testing it. There would be a lot of things on which your AI wouldn’t know how to respond. The best you can do is keep learning and keep teaching it to your assistant.
    Watch this video for more understanding.

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