How Can I Lower My Bounce Rate?

How Can I Lower My Bounce Rate?

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  1. Hey maitya, here are some tips you can follow to reduce the bounce rate. Although you should know if your bounce rate is less than 40 per cent then I don’t think you need to follow any of these tips at all. Although if its significantly higher then here are few things you can try. Firstly try to provide a better overall user experience, you can do this by carefully watching out how your users behave and what influences their decisions. You may improve the first page that opens on your website or we can say your homepage, as this is the first thing they’ll see on your website so make sure it holds your user on it for longer. Generally users make up their mind in a few seconds if they want to be on the website or not, so make sure that you don’t disappoint them with speed. To speed up your site, you should optimize your images, use a Content Delivery Network, add better caching, and consider switching to a faster hosting provider. You can use videos too as they are highly engaging and grab attention more than text or even images. You can use a fullscreen video as a background, or add it next to your call of action.
    You may also plan a consistent content strategy. While many marketing experts would recommend you to experiment with different content strategies, there is also something to be said about a consistent content plan.

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