How Do Accelerators Work?

How Do Accelerators Work?

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  1. Accelerators work like incubators, with a slight difference in their working and processes. Firstly applicants apply for an accelerator although its a tough job to get an accelerator, only 1% to 3% of startups typically get accepted. Accelerators typically offer seed money in exchange for equity in the company while the offer may seem like a small piece of the company to give up now, that may be quite a substantial amount later.
    Then their process start which typically lasts for 3-6 months. This is an intensive time, where participants are forced to really focus and make progress.
    In this process you learn. Learning is a big part of this. Expect seminars, workshops and mentorship opportunities.
    Also, during this acceleration period entrepreneurs will have plenty of opportunities to network with their peers, other industry support providers and potential investors. And lastly, accelerators culminate in a graduation. Typically a ‘demo day’ where each startup in the cohort presents and pitches.

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