How Do I Bootstrap My Startup?

How Do I Bootstrap My Startup?

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  1. Bootstrapping is not a cakewalk and which is why I think one should always look through a better way of doing it. You need to start with picking up a co-founder sensibly. Two leaders for the company can be critical. If you’re good at different things, you have a better shot at being able to do everything between the two of you, keeping expenses low.
    Then get to design a business model which can generate cash faster. Without any cash inflow, you’ll burn your reserves before gaining any real traction.
    You need to keep a an eye on the cash. Spending out of a personal bank account is sloppy and risky–instead, fund a bank account specifically for the business. Free tools such as Mint can help track spending and calculate burn rate. You must watch your cash like a hawk.
    Its important to cut your personal expenses as you are without a salary, you won’t have money to spend. Consider every purchase and only spend what’s necessary. Also when bootstrapping, hiring out for a job you could do yourself is an avoidable expense and a wasted organizational learning experience. If you don’t know how to do something, learn it.
    Next up you should invest in your website domain. Incorporating and securing your website domain are major exceptions to the “price over quality” rule.
    Remember, your goal is to get as much traction as possible to raise a big round. At an early stage, what might appear to be a revenue touchdown may distract you from building a real replicable business.
    When you’re so small, vendors and suppliers won’t want to work with you; it will take a personal touch to get what you need. Work to build personal connections with partners that may help your business in the long run. This may help obtain the resources your startup needs to get moving, at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t be afraid to share your story and appeal to people’s human side. To succeed as a bootstrapped startup, you have to persevere for the answer you need.
    Ultimately, bootstrapping is making an investment in yourself that will pay off for your company in the long run.

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