How Do I Create A Sales Funnel?

How Do I Create A Sales Funnel?

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  1. You can create your sales funnel by following some steps mentioned below:
    1. Analyze your target audience: Conduct market research to collect data about your target audience. Analyze the behavior of your target audience from the collected data.
    2. Grab your audience attention: You can do this with help of content marketing in the form of blogs or by putting out video content. Social media marketing is another way of grabbing peoples attention.
    3. Build landing page: When your leads visit your content and click on your link, they should land on a page where they cannot resist the offer.
    4. Create email drip campaign: Reach out to your leads with offers and content around your products or brand through email.
    5. Follow up: Keep taking feedback and suggestions from your existing customers and reach out to leads to make them aware about any new offerings that you have.

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