How Do I Know Am Hacked ?

How Do I Know Am Hacked ?

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  1. You will get a lot of clear or not so clear signs if hacked. Hacking could be in terms of some personal information to hacking of your bank account. One of the example is if your browser is suddenly showing toolbars you don’t recognize and clearly didn’t install, it’s almost sure that your computer has been compromised.
    These unwanted toolbars can be extremely annoying. They can mess with your browser settings and, for example, change your standard homepage to a spammy website.
    There are quite a few software tools that install additional software on your PC – especially free software, which often asks the user’s permission to install third-party software. It does mean you are being hacked.
    Another example is redirecting. Redirecting users to certain websites is a lucrative business for hackers. They’re paid to redirect users to these sites, so once a user opens a URL, it will automatically redirect them to a different website without their permission.
    This could also be done without the site owner’s consent, so they don’t actually realize the clicks are being forced by hackers.
    A fake warning message by your antivirus software – or any other protection software, for that matter – is one of the most certain signs that tell you’ve hacked.
    I think most avid social media and Skype users have been introduced to the phenomenon of receiving weird messages from a friend or a person on their contact list. Generally, the hacker is using your account to send out a message to all of your friends with either a link that will instantly start the download of a malicious file or redirect them to a malicious site.
    If you lose money without transferring funds yourself, it’s a clear sign that someone hacked into your device and compromised your bank account. Its not surprising if the hacker was able to transfer all of your funds to a different account or make purchases on a website.

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