How Do I Start A Cottage Industry?

How Do I Start A Cottage Industry?

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  1. If you are thinking of opening one, then go ahead its a great idea as know they can be next corporate America. I can guide you through some steps which may help you to understand how you can do it successfully. Firstly you need to research and research. Research your industry to evaluate the competition and then review consumer trends, the current market, industry knowledge and future growth. One fast and easy way to access this information is through the Small Business Administration’s Office of Economic Research.
    Then you must check zoning requirements to ensure you can legally operate your business from home. Some home owner’s associations may prohibit owners from operating a day care or a food service business from home.
    Next up, incorporate and register your business’s name with the city or county clerk. Determine if you will be the sole owner of the company or if you will have a partner. Also apply and obtain a business license from your local government office. You may determine if you should copy write or patent your work.
    Lastly, develop your business and marketing plan. Consider these areas including creating a website, business cards and establishing a separate business phone line.

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