How Do You Become An Intrapreneur?

How Do You Become An Intrapreneur?

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  1. Hey janny, if you know the concept of intrapreneurship then you must be aware of the fact that there is no rule of thumb on how you can become an intrapreneur but surely there are some ways you can try out to get into intrapreneurship. Firstly, you need to study your company and get an understanding about it. You should spend ample time researching a specific problem within your area of expertise so that you will have insight into what needs fixing. You shall also build your user knowledge and insider relationships to gain allies, resources and support for your ideas.
    Its important to take risks an do not fear failures. Experiment and keep exploring many different potential paths that are necessary to produce innovative breakthroughs. Become the problem solver for your company, you can proactively offer innovative ideas and ways to execute them, that will lead you to become a go-to resource inside your organization. Your empathy for different business needs will help lead to scalable outcomes and cement your success as an intrapreneur.

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