How Do You Buy Blue Chip Stocks?

How Do You Buy Blue Chip Stocks?

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  1. Firstly if you are setting your foot on this journey then start with evaluation of blue chip companies. Since there are many to choose from, selecting blue chip stocks requires that you screen them for the criteria that fits your portfolio strategy. This should consider several factors when evaluating a blue chip stock, including the dividend payment, the bond rating on its debt, its earning growth and its interest coverage, etc. One you are done with the screening process, then there are two mediums to invest viz online and offline. You can invest in Blue Chip Funds online seamlessly through online platforms or directly through the websites of the Asset Management Companies (AMCs), offering the fund. The another way is typical old fashioned offline medium, which requires you to fill a form and submit it at the nearby branch of the fund house, or invest through a broker.

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