How Do You Improve Team Productivity?

How Do You Improve Team Productivity?

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  1. Some ways in which you can improve team productivity:
    1. Communication: Communication is the key to team’s productivity and success. Make sure there is effective communication between the team members.
    2. Team building exercise: Team building exercises often helps in inculcating team spirit amongst the team members. It also leads to better communication within the team.
    3. Use of tools: Use project management tools or time tracking tools that will help your team to save time.
    4. Good work environment: The team members should enjoy the environment that they are working in. Only when they like the surroundings will they want to come to work and focus on work.
    5. Don’t micro manage: Let the members take ownership of their work. Don’t micro manage your team. Micro managing will lead to frustration amongst the team members.
    I have linked a video for some more help on the question

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