How Does Integrated Marketing Communication Work?

How Does Integrated Marketing Communication Work?

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  1. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is aimed at maintaining consistency in communication. IMC is a concept used by companies to integrate their multiple communication channels to deliver the same brand message.
    It is always better for the brand if all communication tools work in harmony.
    There are various levels of integration which help in strengthening Integrated Communications. They are as follows:
    1. Horizontal integration: It occurs across marketing mix and business functions. For example, departments like production, sales and operations should be in sync and communicate the same message across.
    2. Vertical integration: This integration should support higher level corporate objectives and missions.
    3. Internal integration: Promotion and brand awareness within the organization so that they are motivated and communicate the same message outside the organization.
    4. External integration: Brand communication to people outside the organization by partnering with PR agencies or influencers.

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