How Is Bounce Rate Calculated?

How Is Bounce Rate Calculated?

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  1. Before I explain how it is calculated, I shall start by explaining what bounce rate is. Going by the definition: Bounce rate is the percentage of site visits that are single-page sessions, with the visitor leaving without viewing a second page. It is typically used as a measurement of a website’s overall engagement. Generally, we can say that the no. of clicks on your website which didn’t result in anything, or after one click it wasn’t used for anything else or nothing else was viewed on it.
    Now let’s see how is it calculated, its really simple, it is calculated by the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of entries to a website. For instance:
    Let’s say if the homepage of a website receives 10000 visitors over the course of a month, and 2000 of those visitors leave the site after viewing the homepage without proceeding to any other pages, then the bounce rate of the homepage would be 20%.

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