How Is Geo Targeting Used?

How Is Geo Targeting Used?

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  1. Geo-targeting is often used to advertise to local prospects in paid search campaigns. Geo-targeting in the most traditional sense uses addresses to figure out where users are. Every internet-connected device has a unique IP. It’s like an address for your computer, tablet, phone, or wearable. The first three digits provide a country code. The digits after that indicate specific areas within a country, down to state, city, and postal code. There is a geo-targeting application that uses location-based marketing. For example, when we sign up into a food delivery app, we’ll see options that are close to our location. And when we search for “shops near me” in our maps app, the results are an example of geo-targeting in action. Also we can use geo-targeting software to better reach your target audience. Ulta Beauty used geo-targeting to intensify the effectiveness of new store openings. Warrior Sports used Visit Optimization and behavioral audience targeting to allocate media spend to tactics that were driving visitation. The company was able to reach and engage an audience of fitness enthusiasts. These are some of the ways geo-targeting is used.

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