How Many Types Of Video Conferencing Are There?

How Many Types Of Video Conferencing Are There?

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  1. Types of video conferencing can be segregated on various parameters like the type of network used for video conferencing, system being used for video conferencing or number of participating sites.
    1. Depending on the type of network, we can list two types as follows:
    a. Video conferencing over ISDN: ISDN is necessary to conduct video conference. These lines enable stability in the video conference because the speed of connection does not fluctuate and ensures quality throughout internet.
    b. Video conferencing over IP network: It is video conferencing over IP. The quality of the conferencing here depends on the internet speed of the participants.

    2. Depending on system or protocol being used, there are two types as below:
    a. Video conferencing with desktop applications: Desktop applications like Skype, Google talk are used for the video conference which do not used standard codecs and hence the quality is comparatively poor.
    b. Video conferencing with professional video conferencing systems: Video conferencing systems like, Sony, Lifesize are used. Usage of such external equipments improves the video conferencing quality.

    3. Depending on number of participating sites, there are again two types are follows:
    a. Point-to-point conferencing: In this conferencing only two parties are involved.
    b. Multipoint conferencing: As the name suggest, in this conferencing multiple participating sites are involved. A central unit is responsible for sending sound and images to all the participants.
    Here is an article which details out the types of video conferencing for your reference:

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