What Are Causes Of Employee Turnover?

What Are Causes Of Employee Turnover?

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  1. Employee turnover can be voluntary or involuntary. Here are some reasons behind employee turnover both voluntary and involuntary:
    1. Better opportunity: When an employee gets better job opportunity than the current employer.
    2. Lack of growth opportunities: When the employee doesn’t see any opportunities of growth in the current organization.
    3. Employee role misfit: After joining the organization, employee or the organization realize that employee is not an ideal fit for the role.
    4. Feeling undervalued: The employee feels that he/she do not get the deserved appreciated for their work.
    5. Micromanagement: When the manager starts micro managing the team and the employees get frustrated.
    6. Did not meet expectation: The job did not meet employees expectation and hence employee looks for other opportunities.

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