What Are Communication Rules?

What Are Communication Rules?

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  1. Communication skills are a crucial part of individuals personal as well as professional life. Here are 5 rules for effective communication:
    1. Know your audience: It is very important to know the audience to whom you are trying to communicate the message. If you don’t know the audience, it becomes very difficult to establish a connect and communicate your message.
    2. Timing: You should be aware of when and what message should be communicated. Right message at the wrong time may not be appreciated by the audience.
    3. Communicate what people want to hear: Don’t try to put across what you want to communicate, communicate in a way that the audience wants to hear.
    4. Communication should be two way: Communication does not mean broadcasting. A two way communication ensures effective communication.
    5. Leave ego: Don’t get offended if what you are trying to communicate is not getting through. Don’t blame the audience.

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