What Are Integrated Marketing Communication Tools?

What Are Integrated Marketing Communication Tools?

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  1. Their are 8 major IMC tools. They are listed below:
    1. Advertising: It is a paid form of promotion of products and services done by an identified sponsor. Advertising uses different forms of media like the print, broadcast, network, electronic and display. It is consumer perception that heavily advertised brand has great value.
    2. Sales promotion: Sales promotion is a way of providing short term incentives to either the consumer or the distributor.
    Consumer promotion- It is a kind of pull strategy where you pull customers towards your products by giving them incentives or rewards like a small pouch free with a 500 ml ketchup bottle.
    Trade promotion- It is a kind of push strategy where you give discounts and other incentives to the distributor or sales man to increase awareness of your product amongst consumers.
    3. Personal selling: When you sell products by meeting the buyer face to face, it becomes personal selling. Example could be selling insurance to a buyer by meeting them at their workplace or home.
    4. Public relations (PR): PR is a form of two way communication where you get feedback from people and adjust your products and services accordingly.
    5. Direct Marketing: It involves use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail to directly communicate with a customer.
    6. Events and Experiences: Sponsoring events improves your brand awareness and increases your visibility to a large set of people in a short span of time.
    7. Social Media Marketing: Promoting your business through social media platforms is known as social media marketing. It can be in the form of content writing, videos, etc.
    8. Mobile marketing: Involves communicating with the consumer through a mobile device. It could in the form of simple SMS.
    https://www.feedough.com/integrated-marketing-communication-meaning-tools-examples/ here is a good read on the topic.

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