What Are Some Of The Things I Should Look At When Hiring.

Looking to hire a sales person for my small startup, what are some of the things I should consider?

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  1. This is a great question indeed. I’d suggest you consider these things –
    1) He/she should be super-flexible. Startups require a lot of time and mind devotion.
    2) Should have some experience working in a similar sales process.
    3) He/She should be someone who has cravings to do more. It’s not only about targets in startups.
    4) Should add more to just sales in the organisation. Look for someone with common sense and good IQ.
    5) Look for passion. Startups need people with passion that takes the company forward together.
    6) And of course, look for talent. You can give him/her some assignments or make them pass a test before hiring.

    I’m working to write on a similar topic. But till then, these two can help –

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