What Are Some Teamwork Skills?

What Are Some Teamwork Skills?

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  1. “Here are some of the skills required for good teamwork:
    1. Communication: The team members should communicate efficiently about any issues being faced.
    2. Problem solving: It is an important skill needed when working in team. Possessing this skill will enable you to work towards solving issues creatively.
    3. Persuasive speech: You should have the ability of persuasion or influence to make team members understand your ideas and to get your team to accept those ideas.
    4. Reliability: If team members cannot rely on each other for help, then team can’t succeed at whatever they are trying to achieve.
    5. Conflict resolution: Any conflicts within the team should be resolved by the team members.
    Here is an article which enlists more skills: https://zety.com/blog/teamwork-skills

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