What Are Startup Incubators?

What Are Startup Incubators?

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    If you have seen a television series called Silicon Valley, you would know what a startup incubator is better than anyone, but no worries if you don’t plan to watch it, I think I’ll be able to explain what it is.
    One of the definitions say: A startup incubator is a collaborative program for startup companies — usually physically located in one central workspace — designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring and training.
    So speaking in simple terms, if you have ever rented an apartment where you are provided with food, water, electricity by which I mean the basic necessities. A startup incubation is similar to that, it provides workspace to startups with all the necessities that are needed to sustain. According to SCORE, incubators often provide access to the resources needed to launch a business. This may include office space and equipment, utilities (including internet service) and discounted or free professional services, such as accounting and legal help.

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