What Are The 10 Qualities Of A Good Entrepreneur?

What Are The 10 Qualities Of A Good Entrepreneur?

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  1. Here is a list of 10 qualities that an entrepreneur can possess:
    1. Self discipline is a basic requirement of an entrepreneur. It is only through self discipline that you can achieve your goals.
    2. An entrepreneur should be passionate about the work that they are doing.
    3. Integrity is a key quality to keep the support of investors and team members.
    4. It is through persistence that you can build a successful business.
    5. An entrepreneur should be open minded and willing to accept feedback both positive and negative.
    6. If you are self confident about your business idea, you can pitch it with conviction to the investors.
    7. An entrepreneur is an initiator. Initiatives lead to new and unique business ideas.
    8. Creativity is another aspect to succeed as an entrepreneur.
    9. They should be good planners.
    10. Being optimistic is another critical quality of being an entrepreneur.

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