What Are The 3 Steps In Lean Startup?

What Are The 3 Steps In Lean Startup?

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  1. The lean startup methodology is meant to accelerate the growth of your firm for sure. So here are the three steps that will lead you up there.
    These three steps are Find, Execute and Validate.
    Starting with the step you need find a good business idea and for that you need to research and investigate as it can be a tricky thing and obviously its the foundation of all.
    Next, you got to build your product that is your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP is a version of the product you wish to build that will allow your team to easily collect the most data about your potential customers and their feedback on the product as possible. Hence in this step you will be executing your business idea.
    Lastly, comes the validation. Product validation is a key step in building a successful Lean Startup. In this step, it is time to experiment with your business idea in the real world. Test your MVP with real customers in the marketplace. It will help you to see if your idea is viable and to gather information that you can analyze. Use this data to decide if you should continue to build your product, edit your product, or change your business strategy.

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