What Are The 7 Phases Of SDLC?

What Are The 7 Phases Of SDLC?

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  1. SDLC stands for Software Development Life cycle. It depicts the process of software development.
    SDLC comprises of 7 phases as explained below:
    1. Planning and requirement analysis: It is vital phase in SDLC. If the requirements are not gathered and analyzed accurately as per the client needs, then the final product could be a failure. In this phase client is asked for their requirements and then these requirements are analyzed for feasibility check.
    2. Defining requirements: In this phase the technical and functional requirements are documented. Like what software should be used, which technology, what should be the system specifications, quality requirements, etc.
    3. Design: Here the user interface of software is designed. The look and feel of the product is finalized in this phase.
    4. Coding: After all the requirements are specified and the look and feel is finalized, the back end coding is done with the help of the requirement and design documents.
    5. Testing: Testing of the developed software is conducted by the programmer as well as a tester. Programmers tests for error in code whereas tester tests for functional errors.
    6. Deployment: After successful testing and rework on the defects, the software is deployed in the requested client environment. It will now be made available to end users as specified in the requirements.
    7. Maintenance: This is a phase that keeps going till the software is in use. Along the use of software if there are any issues detected then it will be taken care of in this phase.

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