What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Computing?

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Computing?

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  1. Cloud computing is on demand availability of computer resources hardware or software over the internet. Cloud computing is very beneficial for businesses. Listed below are some of the advantages of cloud computing:
    1. Cost: Using cloud computing reduces the expense you would have incurred if you were to buy hardware for your business. Along with which comes maintenance cost also.
    2. Speed: These resources are provided with great efficiency and almost at click of a button. Helps businesses save setup time.
    3. Global Scale: Since these services are mostly available over the internet, it can be scaled to global levels and people can access it across the globe.
    4. Reliability: Cloud computing makes data backup and hence the fear of loss of data is non-existent.
    5. Security: The services are provided with many rules and policies in place to handle security issues.

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