What Are The Benefits Of CRM?

What Are The Benefits Of CRM?

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  1. “Following are some of the benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
    1. Long-term relationship: Stickiness of customers increases because of CRM as the company following this approach business stay in constant touch with their customers.
    2. Improve profitability: Using CRM you can identify the types of customers and decide how to direct your marketing efforts.
    3. Better customer oriented strategies
    4. Reducing the rate of customer defection: Constant interaction with the customers enables business to know about their weak points and work on those to improve customer satisfaction.
    5. Increasing customer perceived value: Since CRM ensure one on one interaction of the business with the customers, customer’s perceived value of the product or service offering is increased.
    Here is an article to help you with better understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM): https://www.feedough.com/customer-relationship-management-crm-wiki/

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