What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Leader?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Leader?

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  1. A good leader may possess all or some of the characteristics listed below:
    1. Must have a vision: It is the leader’s vision that the followers try to achieve by making it their own.
    2. Good communication skills: Possessing good communication skills is a key to get people to work towards your vision. Communication skills not only include speaking skills but it also includes listening skills. As a leader it is as important to listen to your followers as it is to communicate your vision.
    3. Confidence: Only when the leader is confident can the followers trust them. It is the leader’s confidence in themselves and their followers that motivates the followers to accomplish goals.
    4. Persuasive: A leader’s speech should be persuasive to influence people to work for them.
    5. Decisiveness: Decision making is the most critical quality a leader should possess. Because it is the decisions of the leader that the followers look up to and it is their decisions that will affect the entire team or organization for that matter.
    6. Empathy: Listening to your followers and understanding their problems will enable the leader to know why his or her team is not performing well and come up with solutions for the same.

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