What Are The Different Software Development Methodologies?

What Are The Different Software Development Methodologies?

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  1. There are 6 main types of software development methodologies. They are listed below:
    1. Waterfall model: It is the oldest form of software development methodology. In waterfall model you move to a new phase only when you complete the previous phase. Each stage needs information from the previous stage to function accurately.
    2. V-shaped model: V-shape model is an advanced form of waterfall model also known as verification and validation model. In this model every development phase is accompanied by testing.
    3. Iterative model: It is a model in which phases are repeated. You can use this model when all the requirements are not known. As and when requirements become known changes can be made by repeating certain phases.
    4. Spiral Model: It is grown out of iterative model. Spiral model is the most flexible form of software development cycle. Here the project passes through four phases in a spiral over and over again until the project is complete.
    5. Big Bang model: This model follows no specific process. Planning is given very little time and major resources are allocated for development purpose. The requirements are also not defined clearly. It is a high risk model because planning is not given much time and also the requirements are unclear.
    6. Agile model: In this model, the product is broken down in small working parts. The delivery of product is done in the form of these small working parts till the complete project is done.

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