What Are The Disadvantages Of Intellectual Property?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Intellectual Property?

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  1. As every coin has two sides, intellectual properties also have their own disadvantages. They are:
    1. It may lead to additional costs. Protecting your intellectual property could cost a lot of money, particularly if you have a very complex product that involves designs, methods, and processes. You’ll also need to pay filing fees and other costs associated with the patent application process.
    2. It may lead to reduced quality. As intellectual property rights become reduced, so too will the quality of the product being created. That is because there is much less of an incentive to do the work and put the time and resources in, especially if the company knows that its intellectual property rights aren’t absolute.
    3. It can reduce customer base overtime as it could be seen that when it comes to highly sought-after intellectual property, it is hard to stop consumers from taking such intellectual property.

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