What Are The Elements Of Empowerment?

What Are The Elements Of Empowerment?

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  1. According to the progress principle, a new theory of work motivation, people are happier at work when they feel they are making consistent progress toward meaningful goals.The key essential elements for empowering others are:
    Clarity: Firstly one needs to clarify goals and expectations. Employees can only progress at work if they have a clear idea of what results they are expected to deliver. Managers need to clearly define expected outcomes and communicate them frequently so that everyone understands their responsibilities.
    Support: Secondly support plays a key role in empowerment. Support them by providing the resources they need to succeed and removing any obstacles that may hurdle their progress. This requires not only providing the time, resources, and encouragement necessary for accomplishing goals, but also actively working to eliminate barriers to success.
    Autonomy.: Finally, empowering people means giving them the autonomy they need to do their work. Trusting employees to get their work done however they choose is fundamental for creating positive work environments.

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