What Are The Four Types Of AI?

What Are The Four Types Of AI?

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  1. As artificial intelligence is becoming popular everywhere, its very basic and yet important to know its four major types, which are:
    1. REACTIVE MACHINES: These are the most basic types of AI systems and have the ability neither to form memories nor to use past experiences to inform current decisions. This involves the computer perceiving the world directly and acting on what it sees. It doesn’t rely on an internal concept of the world. In this machines will behave exactly the same way every time they encounter the same situation.
    2. LIMITED MEMORY: This AI contains machines that can look into the past. These are used in self driving cars and are included when the car decides when to change lanes, to avoid cutting off another driver or being hit by a nearby car.
    3. THEORY OF MIND: In psychology, “theory of mind” is the understanding that people, creatures and objects in the world can have thoughts and emotions that affect their own behavior. This AI will have to be able to understand that each of us has thoughts and feelings and expectations for how we’ll be treated. And they’ll have to adjust their behavior accordingly.
    4. SELF-AWARENESS: This AI development is to build systems that can form representations about themselves. This is an important step to understand human intelligence on its own although its far from now to be created.

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