What Are The Four Types Of Intellectual Property?

What Are The Four Types Of Intellectual Property?

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  1. There are four basic types of intellectual properties, they are:
    1. Patents: This is important for all the new innovations and discoveries as it is used to protect inventive ideas or processes for the things that are new, useful and nonobvious. Patents are what most often come to mind when thinking of IP protection.
    2. Trademark: A trademark is unlike a patent in that it protects words, phrases, symbols, sounds, smells and color schemes. Trademarks are often considered assets that describe or otherwise identify the source of underlying products or services that a company provides.
    3. Copyright: Copyrights do not protect ideas, but rather the manner in which ideas are expressed like written works, art, music, architectural drawings, or even programming code for software. With certain exceptions, copyrights allow the owner of the protected materials to control reproduction, performance, new versioning or adaptations etc.
    4. Trade Secret: Trade secrets are proprietary procedures, systems, devices, formulas, strategies or other information that is confidential and exclusive to the company using them. They also act as competitive advantages for the business.

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