What Are The Parts Of A Business Canvas Model?

What Are The Parts Of A Business Canvas Model?

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  1. A Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic tool for developing new or existing business models.
    Following are the parts/ components of a Business Model Canvas:
    1. Customer Segment: The group of people for whom you want to generate value through your products or services.
    2. Value Proposition: Specify what value you are trying to deliver to the customer through you business. What customers will get through your business.
    3. Channels: Channels to be used to reach out to customer segments.
    4. Customer Relationships: Decide what kind of relationship you want to have with your customers. For example, self service, personal assistance, etc.
    5. Revenue Streams: How will your business generate revenue? What will be the modes of payment?
    6. Key Activities: What would be your distribution channels? What are the various activities that you need to perform to cater to your value proposition.
    7. Key Resources: Resources required for your business like office, employees, infrastructure, etc.
    8. Key Partners: Information about your key suppliers, your partnership with external companies for sales or promotion.
    9. Cost Structure: Cost drivers in business. List the most expensive resources.
    You can read article linked here on this topic: https://www.feedough.com/business-model-canvas-explained/

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