What Are The Proposed 4Cs In Marketing?

What Are The Proposed 4Cs In Marketing?

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  1. The 4Cs of marketing mix are Customer, Convenience, Communication and Cost.
    1. Customer: Your product should meet the customer needs and wants to generate demand. To know customer needs you need to conduct surveys, do market research and then analyze its results and incorporate it in your product or service offering.
    2. Convenience: Your product should be conveniently available to the customer. While buying a product, customer looks for convenience. To excel in this department do your research on the various channels available for the sale of your product.
    3. Communication: Communicate about your product offering to the customers. The customer wants to know what is the in store value of your product offering for them.
    4. Cost: Cost here includes the overall amount invested in the development of product along with the opportunity cost.

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