What Are The Stages Of A Consumer Buying Process?

What Are The Stages Of A Consumer Buying Process?

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  1. Consumer buying process consists of 6 stages. They are:
    1. Problem Recognition: Every purchase takes place mostly because a need arises. Only when a consumer when a recognizes a problem for which they need something, they opt for a purchase.
    2. Information Search: Once the customer is aware about his or her need, they start researching for the product. It could be to know the best brand, or the various types or options available for the prodcut.
    3. Evaluation of Alternatives: The consumer then evaluates the various options available to them for purchase.
    4. Purchase Decision: Here the consumer finalizes the product he or she should purchase.
    5. Purchase: In this stage the consumer finally purchases the finalized product.
    6. Post purchase evaluation: After the purchase is made and the consumer has used the product, the consumer evaluates the products usage and it is here when they may decide to re purrchase the product or shift to other.

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