What Are The Three Types Of CSS?

What Are The Three Types Of CSS?

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  1. There are three major types of CSS. They are:-
    1. Inline CSS- This CSS type is not really recommended. Inline CSS is used to style a specific HTML element. For this, you’ll only need to add the style attribute to each HTML tag, without using selectors. Managing your website may become very difficult as each HTML has to be styled individually. However it can prove to be useful in some situations. For example, in cases where you don’t have access to CSS files or need to apply styles for a single element only.
    2. Internal CSS- This CSS style is an effective method of styling a single page. It requires you to add tag in the section of your HTML document. However, using this style for multiple pages is time-consuming as you need to put CSS rules to every page of your website. It can be beneficial as you’ll only add the code within the same HTML file, you don’t need to upload multiple files.
    3. External CSS- This CSS type is a more efficient method, especially for styling a large website. With external CSS, you’ll link your web pages to an external .css file, which can be created by any text editor in your device. Here, your HTML files will have a cleaner structure and are smaller in size.

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