What Are The Three Types Of Portfolio?

What Are The Three Types Of Portfolio?

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  1. There are three major categories of portfolio:
    1.Assessment Portfolio: The basic and vital goal of assessment portfolios is to list and showcase one’s achievements and skills, so the employer could decide whether they are competent for the job applied to or not. Although students can also use these assessment portfolios to document their success in respective areas of interest.
    2.Working Portfolio: Generally, a working portfolio should demonstrate the owner’s growth and development. This kind of portfolio typically showcases both works in progress and work that’s already been finished. Working portfolios are frequently updated and should always be organized due to the high volume of information they contain.
    3.Showcase Portfolio: At last, showcase portfolios are one of the most frequently used portfolios because they showcase one’s best work. A showcase portfolio demonstrates a sense of achievement and success because it highlights one’s greatest accomplishments. It may be maintained from year to year, with new pieces added each year, documenting growth over time.

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