What Are The Top 5 CRM Systems?

What Are The Top 5 CRM Systems?

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  1. “Here are 5 CRM softwares that can be implemented:
    1. Hubspot CRM: It is a free CRM software best used by small businesses and startups. It includes features like pipeline management tool, contact data organization, sales reporting and forecasting and customer segmentation.
    2. Zoho: It is an inexpensive software having features of Artificial Intelligence. It has multichannel support like email, live chat, telephone support, etc.
    3. Copper: Copper is a Chrome extension which you have to download as a Chrome extension to use. It is developed for businesses that plan to use G-Suite. It adds extension like contact management, task management tools, etc to G-suite.
    4. Salseforce: Salesforce is a CRM application that provides everything starting from marketing campaigns, generating leads, converting them to contacts, sales of products to customer support depending on the enterprise version you subscribe to.
    5. Insightly: It is a go-to CRM tool which enables integrations with Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, etc seamlessly.
    For more help you can read this article as well: https://www.feedough.com/startup-resources/the-5-best-crm-software-for-startups/

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