What Are The Types Of Advertising Mediums?

What Are The Types Of Advertising Mediums?

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  1. Advertising mediums can be broadly categorized into five categories:
    1. Print Advertising: Print advertising includes newspaper advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines, etc. All these print advertising mediums cater to different target audience and hence have reach in different segments.
    2. Broadcast advertising: It includes television advertisements or radio broadcasts. The main aim of television advertisements is to increase brand awareness and build brand image. TV advertisements though are a costly affair. Radio advertisements on the other hand are cost effective and present better ROI terms.
    3. Outdoor advertising: As the name suggests it includes placing advertisements on bill boards or conducting events or providing sponsorship.
    4. Digital Advertising: Advertising through digital media is the new trend as it is the most cost effective way and the results can be easily measured. Digital advertisement not only leads to brand awareness, it also results in lead generation.
    5. Brand/ Product Integration: This can be looked as reaching out the user to promote the brand by integrating their brand or product in the content that they put out on the internet. May be like influencer marketing.

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