What Are The Types Of Ambush Marketing?

What Are The Types Of Ambush Marketing?

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  1. Ambush marketing can be classified into the following types:
    1. Predatory ambushing: When brands intentionally try to sabotage another brands event or marketing campaign to gain market share by confusing the customer is predatory ambushing.
    2. Coattail ambushing: When a brand associates itself with a sponsor event indirectly whereas some other brand is the official sponsor is referred to as coattail ambushing.
    3. Property or trademark infringement: Using property, symbols, trademarks, etc that belong to competitor brand to confuse the consumers.
    4. Self ambushing: When brands perform activities over and above what was decided by them. And if those activities are to be performed by some other official partners than it is known as self ambushing.

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