What Are The Types Of Brand Extension?

What Are The Types Of Brand Extension?

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  1. Brand extension can be categorized into six types. They are:
    1. Companion product extension: This is a type in which a product complementing the original product is launched. For example a soap brand, releasing a scrubber.
    2. Product form extension: Launching a product in different form means product for extension. For example Snickers launching snickers ice cream bar.
    3. Company expertise extension: When a company uses its expertise in the new product that they plan to launch. For example, a company expert in providing good cameras may launch a mobile phone with good camera quality.
    4. Customer franchise extension: Extending into different product categories for the same market segment is referred to as customer franchise extension. For example, Johnson and Johnson launching variety of baby products.
    5. Brand distinction extension: When brands use their unique value proposition coupled with brand name to launch a product.
    6. Brand prestige extension: When a brand extends its brand image to a product being launched in a completely unrelated product category.

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