What Are The Types Of CMS?

What Are The Types Of CMS?

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  1. Broadly categorising, there are three types of CMS, namely- open source, proprietary and Software-as-a-Service CMS. As the name suggests, Open source CMS can be download at no initial cost and there are no licence or upgrade fees, or contracts. Although you may neet to pay for customization or staff training. Secondly, Proprietary or commercial CMS software is built and managed by a single company. This generally involves buying a licence fee to use the software and paying monthly or annual charges for updates or support.
    One can also customise proprietary CMS with built-in functionalities, although this may come at additional cost. SaaS CMS solutions commonly include web content management software, web hosting, and technical support with a single supplier. These are virtual solutions hosted in the cloud and based on a subscription model, usually on a per-user or per-site basis. This includes price for amount of data transfer, storage for your content and data and ongoing support.

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