What Are The Types Of Ethical Investment?

What Are The Types Of Ethical Investment?

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  1. To start with the types, first and foremost, we should know that an ethical fund is marketed to investors who may have moral objections to certain investment vehicles or companies. These types of investment does not only imply “green investment” but also the other avoidance of pornography, armaments or gambling. Starting with the first category, which is community investment. One way to do this is to put money into community development financial institutions, credit unions, and loan funds, which provide credit and other financial services in low-income areas.
    Microfinance is the other type. This could be done through microloans, small loans made directly to startup businesses. One of the most popular ways is Mutual Funds as there are hundreds of mutual funds on the market that use ESG criteria. Then there are also alternative investments. They are the alternatives to traditional investments, such as hedge funds and property funds, are also getting into the SRI game.

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