What Are The Types Of Survey Methods?

What Are The Types Of Survey Methods?

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  1. On the basis of mode of administration survey methods can be classified into following five major modes:
    1. Telephone methods: In this method you call the respondent to ask the survey questions .
    2. Personal methods: This method is further categorized into in-home interviews (Interview conducted at respondent’s home), mall-intercept (Interviews conducted in person at malls) and computer-assisted personal interview (Respondent sits in front of computer and answers the questions).
    3. Mail methods: Posting the survey paper in an envelope to respondent’s mailing address. The envelope should contain cover letter, questionnaire, return envelope and incentive for taking the survey (if anything promised).
    4. Electronic methods: This method consists of conducting surveys by emailing the survey questions in the body of email or through web surveys (web forms).

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