What Are The Types Of Training?

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  1. Training can be classified into two categories namely, on the job training and off the job training.

    On the job training techniques include the following:
    1. Coaching or understudy approach: Trainee works directly with a senior manager or person to be replaced.
    2. Action learning: Trainees are allowed to work full time solving problems in various departments.

    Off the job training techniques include the following:
    1. Case studies: Trainees are given case studies of real life business situations. This helps them put themselves in the shoes of decision maker enhancing their problem solving and decision making skills.
    2. Seminars: Attending seminars widens your horizon of knowledge.
    3. Training for certifications: To gain certifications, trainee undergoes training sessions for the same.
    4. Role-play: Role-play has similar impact as case studies because here also trainee has to put himself or herself in the shoes of actual decision maker.

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