What Are The Uses Of Video Conferencing?

What Are The Uses Of Video Conferencing?

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  1. Video conferencing as we know is a communication tool which enables connection between two or more people through transmission of static images and texts. Video conferencing has various applications few of which are listed below:
    1. 1:1 or M:M communication: Video conferencing can be used to communicate messages between two or more people. It can be used to educate or train people over a particular topic.
    2. Team meeting: Meeting for teams that are not co-located can be conducted through video conferencing, as this enables the participants to feel like they are present with the team.
    3. Job interview: Job interviews can be conducted through video conferencing when there is lack of time and the hiring process needs to be completed urgently. It will save time for the HR manager and money for the company.
    4. Webinars: Webinars can be conducted to provide live teaching sessions to people.

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