What Are White Hat Hackers?

What Are White Hat Hackers?

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  1. White hacker could be considered as a slang for ethical hacker. Broadly speaking, a white hat hacker is an individual who uses hacking skills to identify security vulnerabilities in hardware, software or networks. However, unlike black hat hackers, white hat hackers respect the rule of law as it applies to hacking. They may do their research on open source software, as well as on software or systems that they own or that they have been authorized to investigate, including products and services that operate bug bounty programs.
    Often, white hat hackers are security researchers who may work independently or with other researchers, but some white hats are full-time employees with the company for which they research vulnerabilities and exploits but only for the owner to clear the faults. Penetration testers, whether they work as independent contractors or as employees, are generally considered to be white hat hackers.

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