What Causes Employee Turnover?

What Causes Employee Turnover?

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  1. People join and leave companies. There are many reasons why someone could leave your organisation. High employee turnover is effectively taxing. It costs precious time and money and can result in an ultimate loss of staff morale. Organisation’s reputation could also be tarnished, with people assuming your organisation is a terrible place to work. If an employee feels trapped in a dead-end position and not get growth vibes, they are keen to look towards different companies for the chance to improve their status and income. Extra responsibilities makes employees frustrated and pressurise them to take such decisions. Another reason can be picking a poorly matched employee which turns out to be bad for you, your company, and the employee as well. Rude behavior, Work-life imbalance, The job did not meet expectations, Employee misalignment, Feeling undervalued, Coaching and feedback are lacking, No responsibility in making suggestions and decisions, skills are inadequate, Organizational instability, Raises and promotions frozen, loss of confidence due to no compensation packages and unavailability of Growth opportunities are main main reasons one can justify as the cause of employee turnover.

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