What Is A Prototype?

Also explain types of prototype

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  1. A prototype is a basic working sample of the final product on which the other forms are developed.
    Following are types of prototypes classified on the basis of what they represent:
    1. Functional prototypes: These prototypes are designed to imitate the functions of the final product as close as possible. The look of prototype is not a matter of concern here.
    2. Display prototypes: These are designed with a focus on the look and feel of the product. In appearance they should be as close to the final product as possible.
    3. Miniatures: Miniatures focus on both the functional and appearance of the product.

    Listed below is the classification of prototypes on the basis of how they are use:
    1. Throwaway prototype: These are models which are eventually discarded and not used in the final product.
    2. Evolutionary prototype: Here the prototype is developed such that it can be further used in the final product.

    You can read more about prototypes in this article: https://www.feedough.com/what-is-a-prototype/

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