What Is A Sales Funnel System?

What Is A Sales Funnel System?

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  1. A sales funnel is a marketing concept where we document the start to finish sales and marketing journey of a company. A sales funnel is constructed through four stages. They are:
    1. Awareness: It is a stage where you reach out to your target audience with a view to increase your brands awareness amongst the customers.
    2. Interest: After the awareness stage, the customers who are aware of your brand and are willing to consider your product enter the interest stage. The customers who have entered this stage are your leads.
    3. Decision: In this stage you engage the lead with your brand and products to make them realize that you are the right choice for them.
    4. Action: If you have done all things right in the above three stages then this is the stage where your lead will finally become a paying consumer for your product. This is the bottom most stage of the sales funnel.

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